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There are over 50,000 open trials that are taking place worldwide which all require specific prodecures and supplies to be used with investigational medication in order to standardize proceses across hospitals.  These supplies are not always utilized due to some hospitals registering to participate but do not succeed in treating any subjects on the trial. In adition, batch over-runs, returns, consignments that have minor outer packaging faults or “make to give” production runs also arise during the course of a clinical trial which results in wasteage.  Therefore, there is often a need to discard surplus medical supplies that have been purchased for the trial and these will usually not be used and will be destroyed. 

One of the main reasons for people to agree to participate in clinical trials is altruism. Sponsors of these trials have a lot to gain by affiliating with charitable donations of unwanted supplies from trials that will benefit others in need.  

The Medical Supplies for Africa (EMESAY Initiative) has been set up by Crest Meridian Limited to provide an avenue for free provision of unwanted medical supplies to teaching hospitals and clinical practises in Africa.  We are committed to promoting and supporting the provision of fit for purpose healthcare in Africa.  

Antibiotics, Antibacterials, Antifungals, Antivirals, Antiretrovirals for HIV
Iron and vitamins
Analgesics, Antacids,Antihypertensives
Antihistamines, Steroids
Ear and Eye Drops and Ointments
Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers (not mercury)
Swabs, Theater drapes, shoes, masks, Bandages, Plasters, Sutures
Airway tubes, Naso-gastic tubes
Maternity/Sanitary pads
Delivery forceps
To supply unwanted medical supplies from clinical trials to clinics in Africa and ensure continuity of supply. 
To establish a purchase option for low-cost generic medicines where a there is requirement. 
To ensure that these donatinons open up distribution channels to remote and hard to reach areas in Africa. 
To contact us for organization donations in Africa: Email at emesay@crestmeridian.com with details of your requirements and someone from our team will respond within 24hours.
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Types of Medical Supplies

All medicines should unused and still be in complete ‘strip’s (still in the manufacturer’s box), in order to comply with the WHO guidelines on drug donations.  These can be any of the following (no controlled drugs such as Morphine):

Examples of Medicines
Examples of General Items
EMESAY INITIATIVE - Medical Supplies for Africa